Rauf IS a moderate

No one is more down on Islam than your Ralene. So if I say someone appears to be a moderate Moslem, that is a remarkable thing. i have been reading the book by Imam Rauf, the Ground Zero Imam. He says Muslims are allowed to convert to another religion. That is my own definition of a moderate moslem. Another definition is that the residents of Tel Aviv have the right to choose their own government. I haven’t gotten to any statement by Rauf on that topic. When i finish the book, I will weigh back in. But for now, it appears Rauf is a moderate.

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A lynching in black and white

I grew up in the deep South. When I was a child, there were still lynchings. you may be to young to remember lynching. A lynching is a group of white people murdering a black person. The black person’s crime was moving to a white neighborhood, or opening a successful business, or finding a white person attractive. Lynchings are now gone from America, praise the Lord.

Talya and Yitzhak Imes, Kochava Even-Haim and Avishai Schindler were lynched. Their crime was 1. they were Jews and 2. they were driving in the wrong neighborhood. White people in America had laws: you can’t live here. Moslems have laws: you can’t live here – in Arabia, in Jordan, in Hamasstan, in Fatahstan. These laws are enforced by lynching. The New York Times blames the Jews, calls them “settlers”. A black person buying a house in my neighborhood in 1960 was a settler. Sometimes that black settler got out alive.

Imagine a lynching in America today. Imagine the New York Times blaming the blacks. “Racial tension is a hard problem to solve, because of the settlers”. These Jews, Talya and Yitzhak Imes, owned a house in the wrong neighborhood. Here is the New York Times quote: “Even before the attack, settlements were looming as a potential deal-breaker”. I am certain that white newspapers said similar things about black home-buyers at one time.

Those people who compare Israelis to Nazis have it backwards. Arabia is Nazi – Arabia with its purity laws. The Israelis are the Jews. Or the Israelis are the blacks. Hamas is the Ku Klux Klan.

In the Islam-Israel war, peace might never come. If peace does come, it will only come when anybody has the right to buy a house anywhere – in Hebron, in Gaza, in Mecca.

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A Permanent End to Jihad

The three proposed solutions will win 911. But Islam will return again to kill innocent people. There are two ways this could fail to happen –

1. If Islam itself is eliminated. This is not impossible. Islam eliminated the old Roman gods over the course of a few hundred years. The same could happen to it. Once it is gone, there will be no new Moslems planting bombs in Times Square, because there won’t be any Moslems.

It is not necessary to elminate Islam to win 911. But it may be necessary to eliminate Islam to keep 911 from happening again someday.

The other possibility is that Islam will reinvent itself, becoming a religion like Christianity or Buddhism. If this is the goal, Islam will have to be forced. It will not do this on its own. Winning 911 is a first step to forcing Islam to reinvent itself.

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Three Practical Solutions

This is winning 911. Your host is Raelene “Rae” Conquista. I’m an engineer. We propose practical solutions.
1. you kill us, we kill you. One American – 10 imams.
2. Ban Islam. Moslems attack Bombay – Islam is banned in Bombay. The message to Moslems is clear – this is Bin Laden’s legacy.

These two things alone should be sufficient to take care of the acute problem.

The goal is to win 911. That means – Moslems goals fail. Less Moslem pride. Less Moslem religion. Less Moslem rule of places.

It also means, freedom’s goals are met. Fewer innocent people are killed. More freedom of conscience. More freedom of speech. No more new Moslem countries.

3. end the funding sources. Overthrow and slaughter all Sharia governments. If a new Sharia government arises, kill it too. Arabia, Iran, UAE, Nigeria, Aceh, Sudan – just say tno to Sharia. This will end the funding of terror. Without the third one, terror will continue to come back.

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The 100 Years Hudna

Islam is an ideology of war. Mohammed himself exterminated whole peoples, seized their wealth, and used that wealth to subdue and forcibly convert still more people. His successors continued this policy. From the Hejira until 1896, Islam was at war. Somewhere in the world, Moslems were attacking their neighbors, subduing them and forcibly converting them.

Islam had, in all that time, no concept of peace. It had instead a concept called hudna, a deception. Sign a peace treaty with the neighbor, wait until their guard was down, then attack. Mohammed himself did this. The Ottomans took Bosnia in 1450 by signing a peace treaty and attacking the following year.

After the subjugation and forcible conversion of the Buddhists of Nuristan in 1896, there was a long period of relative Islamic quietism. The attempted slaughter of the Jews in 1948 failed. Pakistan succeeded. The Wahabis took Mecca, but that was Moslem on Moslem.

Starting with Khomeni, though, the long Hudna was over. We of the free world have go to realize that, unlike Martel or Sobieski, we face a relatively weak Islam. We should act now.

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Ban the Koran 4: Who Benefits 2

The places that have the Koran the worst are the places that have the worst problems. People die at the hand of Moslem killers. More Moslems are killed than are Hindu/Buddhists or Christians/Jews.

The Koran was imposed by force on Iran, on Iraq, on Egypt and on Arabia. It has been allowed to fester there, causing hatred, causing oppression. It was imposed by force, it can be removed by force. Who needs liberating the most? Mecca does. And, if Mecca were free, the rest of the world could breathe easier. Mecca funds your murders, my sweethearts.

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The Two Sides of the War

This is not a war of the West vs. Islam. It is not “a culture clash”. India is not the West. Thailand, China, the Phillipines all have Moslem problems.

It is a war of freedom vs. Islam. Islam says it is against freedom. Islam means submission. Submission is not freedom. India, the Philippines, Thailand are free – free to think. Free to invent. Free to become the West, if they wish. Free to be unique, if they wish.

The more Islam, the less freedom. Want to stay free? Keep out Islam. Want to become free? Get rid of Islam.

Want progress? To get progress you have to have freedom. Define it narrowly as economic progress – you still need freedom for people to start new businesses. Islam means slavery and it means backwardness, forever.

The two sides of the war are the Moslems and the free world. China may be the world’s largest dictatorship, but it still counts as the free world when compared to Islam.

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